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Monday, 14 May 2012

3D water lily flowers (quilling)

Recently I don't have to looking for an inspiration very long. I came up with an idea to decorate my apartment with a picture in "Japanese garden" style... I'm going to make this happen soon... but I couldn't resist to post my recent creations - water lily flowers. I don't like pink color but these flowers are gorgeous :D, they are delicate and graceful like real water lilies should be... Don't you think?

Flowers are made from strips with 0,3cm width and different length depending on size of petals. Bottom of the lower is made from two strips 1cm width and stamens are made from 0,15cm strips. I had used 2 shades of pink and three shades of yellow. 


  1. beautiful water lilies :) I want this or Jasmine as a wedding gift :)

  2. Hi liked your lilies but want to know how you attach them at the centre. Can you give picture detail


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