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Friday, 23 March 2012

Basket full of flower's

For my Mother's birthday I made basket with flowers...

Basket was made from two colors strips 0,3 cm and I think it is even resembles to the basket...;p I think...

Flowers are mostly in shades of violet... I made fringed flowers with the center of flower and without it. I made also a few white daisy's to avoid the monotony... Leaves are made from 0,15cm paper strips in two colors. This arrangement looks very nice :). 
Basket is quite small because flowers have 2cm diameter. Now I'm thinking about different flowers but still I have no idea what to do... maybe a sculpture or a picture...
Lilac I like the most but still I haven't an Idea for the composition with these particular flowers...maybe a hint? ;) 

We have spring now so it is a good time...:)

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