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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

About me :)

Hi :)
My name is Katarzyna Kalinowska. I'm environmental engineer by education, although I'm unemployed at this moment. I'm living in Helsinki but I was born in Poland in Wrocław city. Recently I've fallen in love with paper crafting art name quilling. I'm addicted now!!!
Except of love to paper quilling I love motorcycles, nature and travels... Especially when they are combined together :).
My blog will be devoted mostly to quilling. I don't have education and any experience in art, most of my ideas an designs are original, inspired by nature and life experience. I love cooking, nature, photography, animals and above all I love my husband :).
That's all for now, I hope that someone will be interested in this blog. I will be grateful for any suggestions and tips and I will be very pleased with contact on blog or e-mail.
I know that my English isn't perfect, so please don't judge me very hard because of this... but every suggestions will be taken into consideration. :)
Best wishes and happy crafting!! :)

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations for the work done! I love what you created!


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