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Sunday, 25 March 2012

More quilled butterflies :)

Hi !!
I love butterflies :) Butterflies are so colorful and there are hundreds of interesting species :). I made so far Papilio machaon and now Ornithoptera aesacus and Ornithoptera priamus :). I made them from strips 0,3cm of width.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Quilled Easter egg

Because the Easter is near I decided to make more Easter eggs :). Here's another one :)

The quilled elements were assembled around an egg shell which I wrapped in plastic wrap. Strips in three shades of blue 1,5 cm width. First I made  half from the middle and later top half and glued them together at the end :).  The bottom half I started in the middle of egg shell with the strips in dark shade of blue .  It is very important to be careful making the second half to not glue them whet the egg is inside... 
Maybe I will make more pictures later... 

Friday, 23 March 2012

Basket full of flower's

For my Mother's birthday I made basket with flowers...

Basket was made from two colors strips 0,3 cm and I think it is even resembles to the basket...;p I think...

Flowers are mostly in shades of violet... I made fringed flowers with the center of flower and without it. I made also a few white daisy's to avoid the monotony... Leaves are made from 0,15cm paper strips in two colors. This arrangement looks very nice :). 
Basket is quite small because flowers have 2cm diameter. Now I'm thinking about different flowers but still I have no idea what to do... maybe a sculpture or a picture...
Lilac I like the most but still I haven't an Idea for the composition with these particular flowers...maybe a hint? ;) 

We have spring now so it is a good time...:)

blue bird Easter egg :)

Hi :)
I have decided to follow with a recent fascination with angry birds :D. Game made by Finnish computer game developer and designed by Jaakko Iisalo, its comical style is fantastic and a whole game is giving lots of fun!!

 Yesterday I have finished a blue bird Easter egg :). I made this egg with pale blue, red, white, black and yellow  strips 0,3 cm wide. I cut blue strips 29,7cm long at half and quilled into feathers :). Peak was little bit difficult but I have rolled strips very tight and slowly push outside with quilling tool and a pen :).

Thursday, 22 March 2012

3D quilled butterfly

My first contact with quilling was accidental... I was looking for a hobby and I found an article about quilling :). I like butterflies so I decided make one... Papilio machaon when I was about eight I saw one  when I was returning from vacation. I never saw it again... This butterfly was so beautiful so I decided to bring a childhood remembrance :). 

I was using strips in six colors,  20,5cm long and 0,3cm  wide,130g/m2 density and for blue and pale yellow 80g/m2 density.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

About me :)

Hi :)
My name is Katarzyna Kalinowska. I'm environmental engineer by education, although I'm unemployed at this moment. I'm living in Helsinki but I was born in Poland in Wrocław city. Recently I've fallen in love with paper crafting art name quilling. I'm addicted now!!!
Except of love to paper quilling I love motorcycles, nature and travels... Especially when they are combined together :).
My blog will be devoted mostly to quilling. I don't have education and any experience in art, most of my ideas an designs are original, inspired by nature and life experience. I love cooking, nature, photography, animals and above all I love my husband :).
That's all for now, I hope that someone will be interested in this blog. I will be grateful for any suggestions and tips and I will be very pleased with contact on blog or e-mail.
I know that my English isn't perfect, so please don't judge me very hard because of this... but every suggestions will be taken into consideration. :)
Best wishes and happy crafting!! :)

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