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Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas!!

I would like to wish you merry Christmas and happy New Year!!
Let this new Year will be better and your art works will give you more satisfaction than ever :D

best wishes!!
Kate :)

Saturday, 8 December 2012

More quilled angels :D

Hi :)

Today probably I will be decorating my Christmas tree :D so I made few more angels :D

I made this angel using white, gold, silver  and beige strips, 0.3 cm and 0,12cm wide... I also used golden ribbon as a belt and hanger :)
Body is made from 7 white strips  and one gold strip 30cm length
Sleeves ale made from 1 white strip 30cm length and gold strip 15cm length
Trumpet is made from 1 silver strip 30cm length
Hears are made from golden strips 0,15cm width...

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Tutorial - Christmas decorations quilling


As I promised I made a tutorial how to make lovely Christmas decorations :). At first we need:

1. six strips 60cm long and 0,3cm width

2. twelve strips 45cm long and 0,3cm width 
3. three strips 30cm long for middle coils :)

of course glue, comb and glitter glue (but not necessary) 

  We are making leaf using quilling comb (or normal comb :P) 

To make the small part of the star leave 6cm of the strip to wrap at the end. Wrap paper around third tine from loose part of paper strip . Pull the strip to the other side of comb and also wrap third tine (don't forget to glue strips always after you make these two loops around the opposite comb tines (loot 3 photo) And we are wrapping six tines of the comb (each side)

Thats how it should look at the end :)
First photo shows smal part (6 loops), second photo shows big part of the star ( 8 loops)

and thats how it look when you took strips from the comb

you have to bend this to make leaf (upside down) :P It was hard to keep it in whole making photo but normally it shouldn't fell apart like that...

and the final effect :D
Have fun!!!
 I hove I had explained this quite clearly...

Thursday, 29 November 2012

More Christmas decorations :D

Hi :)

My Christmas tree will be lovely this year :D I made few new decorations and I would like to share my ideas with you :). I made snowflakes and few stars in different colors I made also Poinsettia flowers but it is dark in Finland now and I need light to make good photos :/. 

If anyone would like to make similar stars I could make tutorial so if you are interested write your suggestions  in comments please:)

This blue stars I made from shaded paper :) it look quite nice :).

And  Poinsettia or "Christmas star" flowers :D

3D angel quilling

Hello everyone!!! 

Christmas are so close so I let myself to fall into festive mood :D

So I made quilled angels and few other decorations but first thing first...:)

There is no Christmas without decorations :) angels, stars, snowflakes and other Christmas tree decorations :) I loved it as a child and I love this now :). Angels were very popular at my home so lets keep this tradition!! :D

I made my angel using strips 0.15, 0.3 and 1cm width  for the firs time I used decorative ribbons and I have to admit that gluing al things together was a big challenge :P. It would´t stuck together but with enormous amount of patience I did it!! :) so I want to show you my very first and the most favourite angel!! ta da...

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

3D lily flowers (quilling)

Hi all!!
After a huge brake I finally motivated myself to make something new... I was wondering if someone like my blog or not... 
I will be in Poland soon on my sister's wedding and I have started making gifts... This lily's are for my mother this picture is in her style :P. She has pictures with flowers and landscapes all over her place :).

I made this lilys with yellow shade strips 3mm width and 60cm long. Yellow pale flowers are also shaded with green powder :). Leaves are made with green shade strips 3mm width and different length :). 

Monday, 14 May 2012

3D water lily flowers (quilling)

Recently I don't have to looking for an inspiration very long. I came up with an idea to decorate my apartment with a picture in "Japanese garden" style... I'm going to make this happen soon... but I couldn't resist to post my recent creations - water lily flowers. I don't like pink color but these flowers are gorgeous :D, they are delicate and graceful like real water lilies should be... Don't you think?

Flowers are made from strips with 0,3cm width and different length depending on size of petals. Bottom of the lower is made from two strips 1cm width and stamens are made from 0,15cm strips. I had used 2 shades of pink and three shades of yellow. 

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

quilling 3D snowy owl

Hello everyone :)

I love 3D quilling so every day I'm looking for a challenge :), I love nature so most of my ideas are inspired by her :). I made a snowy owl its a common species in Finland and its so magnificent and majestic animal. I made owl on 3D base like Inna's baby owl, head is made from paper but rest of owl body is an egg :).

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Sweet Mock-orange 3D flowers (quilling)

Because I don't have a good hand for flowers I have decided to make few that I don't have to water:). Unfortunately my flowers had never survived to long with my sensitive care so I did't kept them very often, recently I  had to say goodbye to my thyme. My apartment is very dark now because I have reparations of the building this is very weak excuse... but...;p.
When I was a child underneath my balcony was growing Sweet Mock-orange, whole room was filled with its sweet aroma, every morning birds was twittering among its stems...Birds was so laud, even when windows were closed... It was wonderful times...

Flowers are made from white strips 0,15cm width and 105cm long, middle of flowers it made from yellow strips 0,15cm and 2,5cm. Leaves are made from two colors of green 0,15cm width. Frame was a gift so I don't know that it is old or made to look old... for the background I have used matte black paper.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Quilled casket egg

Again I'm in Easter topic...

 I know that Easter was long time ago, but I was curious if I could make egg that can be opened :). Egg half's are attached to a little hinge which allows to open the egg. Elements are made of paper strips 1,5mm except middle part of the hinge and paper strips are 3mm. I was using shades of green and yellow so the egg looks so spring :). Hinge was made from paper quills and toothpick, middle quills are loose and glued only to the top half of the egg. Quills at the ends are glued to the toothpick and bottom half of the egg. I've attached a little moon shaped element to the middle quills to make egg open only in half...

 I like warm and pleasant for the eye colors... and I'm looking forward to real green spring :). At the moment we  still have some snow left;p.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Monochromatic Easter egg :)

And more eggs for Easter :).

Today I present my second quilled egg made witch this technique In this case I want to show the making process in photos :). When the light would be more appropriate I will make better pictures...:/.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

More quilled butterflies :)

Hi !!
I love butterflies :) Butterflies are so colorful and there are hundreds of interesting species :). I made so far Papilio machaon and now Ornithoptera aesacus and Ornithoptera priamus :). I made them from strips 0,3cm of width.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Quilled Easter egg

Because the Easter is near I decided to make more Easter eggs :). Here's another one :)

The quilled elements were assembled around an egg shell which I wrapped in plastic wrap. Strips in three shades of blue 1,5 cm width. First I made  half from the middle and later top half and glued them together at the end :).  The bottom half I started in the middle of egg shell with the strips in dark shade of blue .  It is very important to be careful making the second half to not glue them whet the egg is inside... 
Maybe I will make more pictures later... 

Friday, 23 March 2012

Basket full of flower's

For my Mother's birthday I made basket with flowers...

Basket was made from two colors strips 0,3 cm and I think it is even resembles to the basket...;p I think...

Flowers are mostly in shades of violet... I made fringed flowers with the center of flower and without it. I made also a few white daisy's to avoid the monotony... Leaves are made from 0,15cm paper strips in two colors. This arrangement looks very nice :). 
Basket is quite small because flowers have 2cm diameter. Now I'm thinking about different flowers but still I have no idea what to do... maybe a sculpture or a picture...
Lilac I like the most but still I haven't an Idea for the composition with these particular flowers...maybe a hint? ;) 

We have spring now so it is a good time...:)

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